We believe the health industry needs to focus on what health really is, and not to continue being drowned by things like vanity and guilt. We’ve all been flooded with wrongful assumptions that have made us unsure of what “being healthy” really means. We’ve made it our mission to redeem the definition of health one conversation at a time.

There seems to be a view of fitness that sees every workout as inching towards the peak of a mountain. So much focus is placed on a need for constant progression and achieving the “pinnacle of health”. Turning health into a “mountain” can make pursuing your fitness goals discouraging for a few different reasons. The first being the fact that most of us make it part way up the mountain and fall back down, and each time you do that you inch yourself closer and closer to just throwing in the towel and accepting defeat. But lets say you are one of those people who manage to climb the mountain. Isn’t that fact that there’s an inevitable decline on the other side scary to you? With all that said, who’s to say that climbing the mountain is even healthy? Most of the metaphorical mountainous goals we see just end up pointing people in the direction of guilt, vanity, or some twisted definition of what a human should be capable of doing. We are not trying to discourage people from setting performance goals (especially not our athletes), we are just trying to pump the breaks on what the industry is telling us, and start redefining what health really is.

The main job of our personal trainers is to guide you through the “fog” that is the health industry, one that’s flooded with myths that make being healthy way more complicated then it needs to be. At Sandbox Fitness, you can expect your personal trainer to be able to guide you through a lot more then just effective and efficient workouts. Our process is all designed around assessing and identifying the highest impact health and fitness decisions you could be making. We also give a lot of attention to making sure they’re manageable, easy to implement and easy to maintain. Our mission is to improve your overall quality and longevity of life.