Frequently Asked Questions

How much does personal training cost?

It depends on the type of client you are. We have three different types that drastically change our costs.

Client A is looking for a full time personal training experience where we are always there to guide their fitness, nutrition and physical therapy “life”. I usually tell these clients to expect costs to be somewhere between 600 and 800 per month.

Client B is more looking for a learning experience where we teach people how to workout and manage their bodies nutritional and therapeutic needs. These people typically do more sessions in the beginning and then taper into doing more of the work on there own. These people can expect to pay anywhere from 150-250 per month.

Client C is just looking for someone to consult on their health life. They just want to come in once or twice per month to ask questions and see if there are some little tricks they can do on their own to improve the efficiency of their current fitness routine. These people typically pay under 100 per month

If your not entirely sure where you stand, or if you’d like to see how we do things then you should come in for a consultation. It’ll gives you the chance to ask questions and see the facility and it gives us the chance to ask you some questions so I can paint a picture of what your client experience might look like. To see what the conversation looks like for you contact us

Are all your personal trainers certified?

Yes. We make sure all of our personal trainers have some sort of baseline certification and well as a CPR/ First Aid. This in important in a unregulated industry. However, baseline certifications don’t guarantee you’ll find a great personal trainer, this is why we make sure all our personals trainers have multiple specialty certifications. Check us out!

Where do I park?

There is 3 hour free parking all over downtown Oakville (even though the signs say 2 hours).

  • We usually recommend parking around George Square and making the 1 minute walk down Trafalgar.
  • There is also free parking everywhere south on Robinson St.
  • Lakeshore Road is also free after 6pm.
  • The closest option is around the corner in the indoor parking garage on Church Street but it’ll cost you a couple dollars to park there
Do you sell supplements?

Yes. We also give all the proceeds of the supplements away to World Vision (we sponsor 6 kids). We want you to know we recommend supplements because we recommend them… not because we’re trying to nickel and dime you! Learn more about our view on supplements here.

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