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We pride ourselves for our constant professional development and teamwork. We guarantee the same quality of service throughout our entire team. We feel that in order to be successful trainers we must be ahead of the curve when it comes to knowledge and practice.

Scott Emmerson, Owner

Scott Emmerson, Owner

 “My goal is to have my clients achieve the highest level of overall results and progress in the fastest, most efficient way possible. I’m committed to bringing about change that exceeds all expectations.”

I actually started out as wanting to be a Firefighter. Knowing the waiting list would be long for Firefighting I decided, in the meantime, to do some Personal Training. I started at a small gym in Etobicoke. I eventually wanted to see what the “big guys” were doing so I started to work for the biggest corporate gym in Canada. I wanted to see how the biggest gyms operate. This is where my drive to become the best Personal Trainer possible began. It was there that I met a trainer who just blew me out of the water. He made me realize how little I really knew. I couldn’t bare the idea that he could service his clients better than me. He had a clear passion for fitness and was taking full advantage of it. After working for a only a few months I had begun to discover how much more this industry had to offer. I made the decision then to dedicate myself completely and to continue investing in my knowledge and skills as trainer indefinitely…Read More

Noel Agellon, RMT, FST, CPT

Noel Agellon, RMT, FST, CPT

My journey into fitness began when I finally realized my unhealthy lifestyle was the source of my unhappiness. Over many years, my pursuit of health and happiness involved the commitment to exercise, healthy eating, and the practice of positive thinking, Eventually I left my desk job and made fitness my profession. I love this industry because it strengthens my ability to learn from the many ups and downs my clients and I encounter.

The most rewarding aspect of being an exercise professional is the feeling of becoming “teammates” with my clients in the pursuit of their goals. This creates a positive energy which can be contagious and beneficial to everyone around.

My goals as a trainer involve the continuous evolution of my exercise philosophies, theories and training methods. Using my growing skill-set, I aspire to always be a positive influence to my clients and the people around me…Read More


Brent Martens, CAT(C), CPT

Brent Martens, CAT (C), CPT

My interest in health and fitness grew out of my participation in high level sports growing up. Hockey is my passion, but I have also had the opportunity to work with athletes from many different sports including basketball, dance, football, skiing, lacrosse and many more.

I received my kinesiology degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2007, and I began working in a gym as a kinesiologist, assisting the physiotherapist with client injuries, and as a personal trainer. After a few years of working in gyms and multidisciplinary health clinics I decided to spend a year working and travelling overseas. I spent a year teaching english in Korea, and was interested to learn about about the cultural perspectives on exercise and fitness; activity seemed to be built into everyday life, where biking, walking and terrain hiking were some of the favourites of the young and old. Once returning from Asia, I moved to the west coast of Canada to pursue work in rehabilitation clinics and expand my knowledge base. After a year, I realized that I wanted to play a larger role in an individual’s training and rehabilitation, and so I returned to school in Calgary, AB, at Mount Royal University to become an Athletic Therapist. As an Athletic Therapist, I have a detailed knowledge of injury and movement assessment as well as rehabilitative treatments. I can correct subtle mechanical compensations being made, thus allowing a better overall functional, powerful, and effective movement pattern throughout exercise…Read More


Selena Cornwall, FST, CPT

Selena Cornwall, CPT, FST

My first trainer told me that I knew more the the average person coming to a gym to workout because I was an athlete and had been training myself for years. I was turning 19 and headed to university the following year. He also told me that it would be a great way to pay for university, and that it works great around a university schedule…’hmmm…” I said…and the rest is history!

I have been a personal trainer for 12 years. However it does not feel as though that much time has passed. Time flies when you are having fun and it doesn’t feel like work! Watching someone realize their own potential, their own power and being the support someone needs to just find their own inner strength is never boring. I have made some of the best friends and met some of the most resilient and inspirational people doing what I do. I love my job! One thing as a trainer that I never forget is that I’m always in training as well. I never stop learning and continue to improve my own body and physical performance…Read More


Reannan Bodrug

Reannan Bodrug, B.Sc. Kin.

I fell in love with training when I started preparing for my first marathon. It was the first time I really understood how specific programming and dedication can produce great results. It really made me understand how limitless our bodies can be. From there on out I’ve had an infinite passion for understanding the human body and how you can push it to its limits. I’ve worked in the Health and Fitness industry since 2010 and I completed a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion in 2015. In addition to being dedicated to my own personal fitness goals, I am also extremely passionate about helping others achieve theirs. Seeing my clients achieve their goals and build confidence in themselves is what motivates me. I make developing strong relationships with my clients a priority to ensure I provide programs that will help enhance their overall heath, happiness and well-being. I believe that this is something that the health and fitness industry is currently lacking. I never design a program without considering how it will affect my client’s quality of life and how I can meet their own individual needs. My main goal is to help change the mentality behind fitness and health; to eliminate the stress and guilt that many people associate with exercise; and focus on simple and sustainable life changes.