The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Dissecting the mind of a gym goer,to help you become one

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John’s been a personal training client of mine for a long time and he’s the perfect guy for you to study! John has 5 kids (all boys…), he runs a family law practice, he loves everything about his wife (except the fact that she goes to bed too late and it messes with his sleep). Amongst the busyness of John’s life, he somehow manages to workout 5 or 6 days per week.

If you asked John to build out the perfect weekend, he’d probably chuckle at the thought that he could have a weekend entirely free of obligation (as he’s responsible for so much!). But I guarantee his perfect weekend would include two workouts. Over the years John has grown to see working out the same way many of us see going to the spa. Working out has just become ‘me time’, it’s a place where he goes to center himself, reenergize and refocus on what’s important to him. He even worked out on his birthday…

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Is John a super hero? Maybe… But I can empathize in a lot of ways. I was in Mexico not to long ago and the gym at the resort was amazing. So I worked out everyday. I even asked Laura(my wife) if I could workout a second time one day… She laughed at me… It hurt my feelings… I had two pina coladas and the world kept turning. I digress… Working out just felt so good!

I’ll get to the point. Working out is truly nourishing when done right, it just feels good in your soul! But here’s the catch. There’s a huge amount of confusion around what working out represents. It could be crossfit, tabata training, p90x, bicep curls, or squats (apparently those are good for your butt 😜).

When I sit back and dissect why John and I are able to take refuge in working out, I find a few patterns.  The main thing that thing that stands out is that we’ve been doing it for so long. John’s been working out since his university days and I had a personal trainer when I was 14.

A couple things happen when you’ve been working out for a long time.

  • When you walk into the gym you’ll see more things you understand than things that will confuse you.
  • You realize that people who look like they know what they’re talking about, often don’t. Thus there is no reason to be intimidated.

If I reverse engineer my journey with the gym, there’s be a couple things I’d want to say to a prospective gym goer. First is that all you need to know is one thing, and I guarantee you already know how to do a couple exercises:

  • Cardio equipment is easy. Bike, Elliptical or a treadmill walk are easy starting points
  • Everyone in the world knows how to do a bicep curl and a leg extension correctly, because you literally can’t do them wrong.

Just start… from there make it your goal to master 2 to 3 new exercise per month. Some exercises will take longer than others but if you can do this… You’ll hit a tipping point and working out won’t even be hard!

And remember, your Olympic dreams are probably over. Sorry…

Try working out with the same posture as John, treat the gym like a spa not like some weird torture chamber. Less is more… You can worry about lifting those big scary weights next decade.

Need help with knowing which exercises you’d like master on your road to being more like John? drop me a line here and I’ll send you a list of exercises we feel are worth mastering.