What 621.50 per month of personal training could be doing for you

What 621.50 per month of personal training could be doing for you

Don’t you hate when personal trainers are cryptic about their pricing? I hate that…

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On average, if someone plans to train at Sandbox twice a week they’ll use 88 sessions in a year. Buying that many sessions gets you our 75 per hour rate. Factor in HST and our 0% financing and whammy, 621.50 a month and you’re guaranteed to have a fit year.

How’s does that trade off sound? Reasonable or no?

Well let’s go into what that’ll even get you. First off, it depends on your needs but at Sandbox you buy time, and the time can be used for any of our services.

Personal Training, Physical Therapy, or Nutrition Coaching.

I’ll break it down. Every person considering hiring a personal trainer sits on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, there are people looking to outsource their health. These people have seen the value in having the regular assistance and the long term health vision that comes from working with a professional personal trainer. They also have the disposable income and time. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are looking for a bit of education to direct their pre existing motivation. Right in the middle of those two are the people that are looking for a more empowered approach. They want to learn how to workout and then take the baton to their local gym.

Either way, there’s some stuff you’re going to need to end up learning as it relates to:


  • There are 12 exercises that encompass all exercises. If you can learn the 12 then you’ll learn them all…
  • How to fail. I know this sounds funny, but when you’re exhausted in an exercise and you start moving kinda funky, you’ll appreciate having good instincts to fall back on. You don’t want to end up looking like these folks.


  • Learn to stretch your fascia. Everything is connected and traditional stretching is dead. There’s 7 different fascial (pronounced fash-ul) lines that connect various muscles (and other soft tissues). Learning how to apply fascial stretching and other myofascial techniques can eliminate injuries and any prospect of future disability. Here’s an example?
  1. lay down flat on your back and pull your toes towards you and pay attention to any stretch you may feel in your calves?
  2. now try the same thing sitting upright. You’ll notice a far greater stretch through the calves when sitting upright despite the fact that the only joint that moved was your hips (a joiny that “shouldn’t” be connected to your calves. If fascial lines didn’t exist then the calf stretch would have been the same regardless of the positioning whether you were lying flat or sitting upright.


  • It’s less about what you do and more about how you feel. We always do what is either more pleasurable or less painful. So the question is not ‘what do I eat’ but rather ‘how can I make healthy foods more pleasurable or unhealthy food more painful’.


I can’t speak for what all personal trainers offer but we feel very strongly that these things are crucial to long term health (and looking like a greek god😜). 621.50 and you’ll have the fittest year of your life and you’ll learn lessons about how your body (and mind) truly tick. So if it sounds like a good trade then we’d love to have you. But if you’re not ready yet? That’s okay too ❤️